Deep Palette of Traditions


Academy of Art University


June 2016—May 2016


Graphic Designer

Unlike any other project within the program, the MFA thesis is a special 

project that is a culmination of over a year's worth of research and 

design work. The thesis is a chance for a designer to take on multiple 

roles within a single project. It starts out by choosing a problem to solve 

through design, followed by conducting extensive research and finally 

delivering robust solutions that are both conceptually and visually proficient. The thesis demonstrates a range of skills, including design thinking, audience analysis with user testing, and tracking of a real-world problem via execution of an active design.

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Indian folk paintings are on the brink of extinction today.


Expose people to the rich cultural tradition of Indian folk painting.


  • Website and app design for ordering paintings from Indian folk artists.

  • Order an existing painting.

  • Ability to make a custom order.

  • Part of the purchase price is a tax deductible charitable contribution.


  • Background about the paintings.

  • Process and techniques of each style.

  • Artist behind the paintings.


Indian folk painting is perceived differently in the US than it is in India.


Promote the process and techniques of Indian folk paintings in the US.


  • Introducing people in the US to Indian folk painting.

  • Covering at-least 6 styles of Indian folk painting.

  • Brief background about each style of painting.

  • Process and techniques of each style.

  • Images of folk paintings.

  • Social media component on Facebook and Instagram.


  • 3 videos showcasing Indian folk painting.

  • Brief background about the painting.

  • Process and techniques of the painting.


Indian folk painting is a financial source for many artists in India.


Give Indian folk artists access to the US market.


  • Introducing people in the US to Indian folk painting.

  • Showcase of 3 different style of Indian folk painting.

  • A catalog book of paintings shown in the exhibit.

  • Invitation design, promotion, tickets, wall tags.


  • Products like tote bags, mugs etc.

  • Promotional items like post card, bookmarks etc.

ART = KALA (Hindi)


The Kala Foundation aims to revive and expose the beautiful form of Indian Folk Paintings as well as connect the local artist to the US market.




The Kala Foundation website bridges the gap between the artist, art enthusiasts and granting them exposure in the US. Key Features includes the following:

  • Introducing people in the US to Indian folk painting.

  • Covering 6 styles of Indian folk painting.

  • Brief background about each style of painting.

  • Process and techniques of each style.

  • Images of folk paintings.

  • Social media component on Facebook and Instagram


Editorial design is an introduction to this unique and vibrant art form-a spectacular chronicle of its evolution, contextual development, continuity, brief obscurity and the recent marvelous resurgence. Key Features includes the following:

  • Showcasing different style of Indian folk painting.

  • Background about each style.

  • Process and techniques of each style.

  • Get to know the artist behind each paintings.


The Kala Foundation is pleased to present this proposal for an exhibition of three distinct forms of Indian Folk Paintings:

  • Madhubani from Bihar

  • Gond from Madhya Pradesh

  • Warli from Maharashtra

India is known for its rich, colorful and cultural vibrancy, which is portrayed through different mediums of arts and particularly folk paintings. Every region in India has its own style of paintings leading to a visual treat as they use natural and vibrant colors, with rich historical perspective and various mediums to depict on. The appreciation of the cultural context is critical to understanding the significant of traditional Indian folk paintings.


A catalog book for each paintings on display in the exhibit. It includes:

  • The exhibit proposal information.

  • Floor plan showing the location of each paintings.

  • Summary of alphabetical list of artist.

  • A buyer’s guide where exhibitors are listed under relevant product.


The Kala Foundation is dedicated to

revive and expose these beautiful form of Indian folk paintings and connect the local folk artists to an international market.